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Black Camel coming to DVD! (link)

Thanks to "Dee" on Kurt's board we now know that "Black Camel" is apparently being worked on as a DVD. This little tidbit was in the Honolulu Advertiser (complete with Oland's name spelled wrong)

Film historian Steve Fredrick is doing research on the 1931 Charlie Chan flick "The Black Camel," starring Warren Oland as Chan and Bela Lugosi as Tarneverro, for 20th Century Fox's upcoming DVD release of the oldie. Chan was inspired by real-life detective Chang Apana. If you have clues or tidbits, call Fredrick at 395-0674. ...

Rush, I am going to try to track down the e-mail of Steve Frederick. Would it be ok if I put you in touch with him? You probably know more about this film than anyone and you've actually visited the locations where this film was made.

I posted a note on Kurt's board about info from Warners where they've publically confirmed that the Monogram Chans are being targeted for DVD release. After being so bleak for long, the prospects for Chan on DVD have never been brighter than they are now. We could have all non missing Chan films on DVD by the end of next year. Who woulda thunk it a couple of years ago?


Re: Black Camel coming to DVD! (link)

Dear Steve,

GREAT piece of news, especially should this seedling eventually bear the much hoped-for fruit.

Yes, plese feel free to have Mr. Fredrick contact me should he desire to do so.

Thank you for the continued good work, Steve...much appreciated by all of us.


Re: Black Camel coming to DVD! (link)

Dear Rush,

Please check your e-mail (ccfamily @ yahoo).