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Update on Warner's plans for Chan DVDs

I asked Warners about the Monogram Chans and Black Camel. Here is their response:

"We do own Black Camel, but only in US and Canada. We plan to release it with the later Monogram Chans we own, but no date is set. We are having trouble locating good elements on all the Monogram Chans, but we are on the case, as it were, and as mentioned before, are planning on the other mystery/detective series as well."

The other mystery/detective series related to my question about getting the Saint/Falcon, Perry Mason,etc. released.

Bottom line, if anyone knows where pristine 35mm Monogram Chans are, let us know!

Also, the story that Fox was going to release CAMEL is now been shown to be wrong. I'll follow up on that.


Re: Update on Warner's plans for Chan DVDs


Thank you so much for this information on "The Black Camel". Looking forward to Warner's releasing this the early entry with the remainder of the Monogram Chan's as soon as possible. I also hope that Fox will surprise us when they release the Oland Chan's later this year by including one or more of the lost films.

Great chatting with you "at the movies" the other night!

Re: Re: Update on Warner's plans for Chan DVDs

Hi Roy,

It was equally enjoyable chatting with you as well.

It would indeed be wonderful if Fox surprised us with a lost film. You may have read the initial list that was leaked out did include such a title (CC Carries On). That was met with some skepticism since there was no news of its discovery, but who knows?


Re: Update on Warner's plans for Chan DVDs

Dear Steve,

Thank you, once again, for your continued bits of encouraging information. This seems to verify that Warner Brothers owns the rights - somehow! - "The Black Camel," at least with regard to the U.S. and Canada.