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The Charlie Chan Family Message Board
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Haaaa !

hahahahaaa !! being silly still...just wondering where everyone is...seems pretty slow on here..Evan

Re: Haaaa !

And we always miss The Blot makes his appearances in Rush's Chat Room!


Re: Re: Haaaa !

Hey where ya been ?? written to you several times but no answer...? whats up Evan

Re: Re: Re: Haaaa !

I haven't gotten your emails.


My stepfather had trouble with my virlea . . . address and goes through my Have you tried it yet?

Shall I send last month's and this month's TOMM by snail mail?!

This month has the three stooges . . . among other goodies!

Please! Pretty Please!!


Re: Haaaa !

Dear Evan,

Hence, we call this our HUMBLE Message Board. Not too many traffic jams here, but the traffic passing through is most honorable, including yourself!