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I am still around, just working hard!

Hi everyone! I am still around, but I have been working now on Mondays. I don't know when I will get A Monday off soon? At my work, "Charlie Chan Nights" will begin on Saturday September 10. Wish me luck. I will be showing Charlie Chan In Paris. It will continue until we run out of Chan's(My work owns both the Fox DVD's as well as the MGM Chanthology plus some latter Monogram's from Dennis Harmon.They also plan to get Fox's Chan DVD's Vol. 2.

Re: I am still around, just working hard!

Dear Sam,

Hopefully, we will see you at our Chat on Labor Day, September 4. You are doing the good folks that you serve a great service, and I know that your Chan evenings will become a great success. And, when the Chan films that you have available for showing run out, I think that your worthy audience may demand that you obtain more...whatever the source!

Take care, and hopefully you will have Monday evenings free again.