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AHHHHHhhhhhh! great to see there are peopleout there..

Great to see there are people out there..hard to see from out here in the high desert with mountains all around and in close. You just step out our back door and began to climb and climb,we are right at the very base of a mountain so we have no "rear" view of anything but sage brush and rocks,but have a great view east north and south...
I have my new Chans and Motos,but hate to really open them,i want to watch them but tyhe packaging i hate to break open,don't ask why i can't explain it...kind of like a very fine Chinese vase, wonderful to look at,but! don't touch...yeh i'm goofey....i'll break down one of these days and open them,i still have my whole set i copied from tv and the gray market ones i bought to fill out the 42,i watch them everyday,my wife thinks i'm crazy,they help put me to sleep,as i'm one who likes to fall asleep with something on,can't sleep in a quiet room...and i know the Chans well so i don't have to wonder how its going to end,where a movie i haven't seen before or haven't seen for a long time i forget how it ends,so now i'm curious and can't get to sleep...crazy eh ?...well thats me,but i'm only a 4 to 5 hour sleeper maybe 6 rarely...chatty chatty again..sorry..Evan

Re: AHHHHHhhhhhh! great to see there are peopleout there..

I personally love chatty people, especially when they have such interesting things to say and describe!

Re: AHHHHHhhhhhh! great to see there are peopleout there..

Dear Evan,

I know what you mean regarding the desire to keep these beautiful products as perfectas possible, like the precious vase you mention. Once opened,no longer new! Also, the "soothing" effect of Charlie Chan films has been brought up by people in the past. ENJOY!