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What Films Are in Chan No.2?

Just in case my reply to "Chan collection #2" was to far down the list now to answer, I asked, does anyone know what Chan films will be on the new release

Re: What Films Are in Chan No.2?

Dear MW,

The films that should be in the "Charlie Chan Collection, Volume Two" are:

"Charlie Chan at the Circus"
"Charlie Chan at the Race Track"
"Charlie Chan at the Opera"
"Charlie Chan at the Olympics"

Latest information indicates that the release of this set may be "delayed" at this time for reasons as yet unknown.

Rush Glick

Re: Re: What Films Are in Chan No.2?

That's great (about the movies in the set, not about it being delayed). The only one of those that I've seen a lot of is Opera, which I have on VHS. I don't think I've ever seen Circus or Olympics, except bits and pieces.

Of course, what I'm really looking forward to is the Toler Chans, but those won't be out for a while.

Re: What Films Are in Chan No.2?

Dear Mark,

Only Fox knows the month for sure, but the Tolers should be out starting sometime in 2007. Volume 3 will have the remaining Olands (Broadway and Monte Carlo) and maybe Secret if the National Association of Gentleman's Gentlemen (NAGG) drop their protest over the portrayal of Baxter in that film.

Maybe Fox will put a Toler or two in Vol 3 to round it to a full 4 film set or perhaps they'll wait until Vol 4 to kick off Mr. Toler's series of films. I'm with you...I can't wait to see films like "Reno", "Treasure Island", et al on DVD!


Re: Re: What Films Are in Chan No.2?

Treasure Island and Reno happen to be my two favorites.

Especially Tresasure Island, so much so that I have acquired a small collection of memorabilia from the Golden Gate Exposition that Charlie and Jimmy visited there (I have a guide book, some tokens, a locker key, etc).

To go a bit off topic for a moment, if you read mystery fiction, you may want to get a hold of Rupert Holmes' novel Swing (2005), which is set at Treasure Island in 1940. Another novel set there is the contemporary mystery Murder Loves Company. In my imagination Charlie Chan and the protaganists of those two books are investigating crimes there almost simultaneously, perhaps even bumping into each other.

Re: Re: What Films Are in Chan No.2?



Re: Re: What Films Are in Chan No.2?


This was the first I heard of "Secret" not being part of the Volume 2 set. Do you (or anyone on this board) know the reason why Fox chose to upset the sequence of films on the DVD sets? I read Rush's previous posting that Volume 2 will likely be delayed....

Any info is appreciated...

Thanks in advance!

- Roy