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Happy Early Halloween!

You all might like an early warning of something that I'm including in my Halloween issue of The Old Movie Maven Magazine:

I have come across a documentary called "Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula".

It is absolutely incredible and you'll find an extensive amount of things in this two-disc DVD, including early silent movies with Bela Lugosi.

It is hosted/narrated by the late Robert Clarke (The Man from Planet X and The Hideous Sun Demon) and Rue McClanahan (Golden Girls) does voice-over work.

You can find it at and costs $23.00 (that includes shipping and handling.)

I strongly recommend getting the CD to go with it because you can enjoy some of the music from the DVD more on the CD like Bela Lugsi and Boris Karlof singing about being horrible, harrible men.

It also gives you a better opportunity to enjoy the work by Art Greenhaw, who did original work, vocals, arrangements . . . . You get the idea!

You can find the CD at It costs $20.00 postage and handling (plus $1.24 tax for residents of Texas).

So go for both for Halloween!