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Re: Vol 2 is now 12/15 (details inside)

I'm delighted to hear there's a Keye Luke feature. He brought an energy, humor, and warmth to the series that was remarkable. I've pondered the question of whether I prefer Oland or Toler in the CC role, but I keep wondering what Toler would have done with Luke. As much as I enjoyed Sen Yung and the chemistry he had with Toler, there was something with Luke and Oland that was never replicated in the series. I'm already excited about the documentary and it's still two months away!

Re:: Vol 2 is now 12/??

Hi David,

I agree with you on all counts about the relationship between Luke and Oland. In my opinion, it is the chemistry the two have that has helped make this series remain so popular.

Incidentally, some eagle eye readers noted that 12/15 is a Friday. That throws the validity of this date into question since DVDs are released on Tuesdays. Gary O has offered up the explanation that perhaps the real date is 12-5 (a Tuesday).


Re: Vol 2 is now 12/15 (details inside)

They're holding off on Secret?!?!

That's my favorite Chan!


Re: Re: Vol 2 is now 12/15 (details inside)

Hi, Virginia.

I like "Secret" also. The atmosphere is tremendous. What do you like most about it?


Re: Re: Re: Vol 2 is now 12/15 (details inside)

What's not to like?!?!

It has a spooky atmosphere, hidden tunnels, seances, suspects galore, and last--but not least!--Warner Oland!

Is it perfect! No, and I have the bloopers to prove it!

Did that ever change my mind! Of course not!

Spookily yours

Re: Re: Re: Vol 2 is now 12/15 (details inside) ("CC's Secret")

Dear David,

I, too, greatly enjoy the atmosphere of "Charlie Chan's Secret." In my humble opinion, this film captures the climatic "feel" of San Francisco, which lends itself perfectly to the mysteries that shroud Colby House. Even though Lee Chan is not in this one, Baxter the butler fills in fairly well, I think, and, he might even be seen in some respects as a precursor to Birmingham Brown of the Monogram phase of the series.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Vol 2 is now 12/15 (details inside) ("CC's Secret")

Dear Rush and Virginia,

I agree with what you both said and was thinking about how wonderful the sets are in "Secrets." The exterior of the house is especially nice -- brooding and forbidding. The house is really a "player" in the film. Another CC film in which the sets really played an important part in all that took place is "Dead Men Tell." There were others, but I especially liked the atmosphere and general eeriness of these films and the sets were a large part of it.


Re: Vol 2 is now 12/15 (details inside)

Dear Steve,

Thank you for the information! Hopefully this date will, indeed, be the actual release date. A great Christmas gift idea, everyone!