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The Charlie Chan Family Message Board
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Charlie Chan Night went well

I sure miss Monday Night Chat. I am still around working hard. Well Charlie Chan Night returned at my work last saturday. Went well. We got 39 residents, slightly down from last time, but more ethusiastic than last time. I still check out this site every once in a while to keep up with the latest news.

Re: Charlie Chan Night went well

Dear Sam,

This is very good news. I am sure that your presentation brought back many fond memories for your patrons. Keep up the great work!


Re: Re: Charlie Chan Night went well

Sorry I've missed the last couple of weeks. Things that were beyond my control kept me out, but I do plan on attending on a regular basis, as often as I can.

Take care everyone,


Our Annual Halloween Party

Everybody put October 30 on your calendars!!

That's when we have our Annual Halloween Chat Room Party with Sidney Toler in our favorite Wax Museum.

So be deciding who you want to come as!

So be there or I'll send Dr. Zodiac after you!

Mrs. Lowell