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Hey out there

Hey....been off line,as i got rid of this is no longer my address,i should be back on this monday ,to some a delight,to others distain..oh well can't please everyone can we..i will have a new address again,and higher speed via Sky Blue satilite service ...Virginia did you recieve the envelop i sent you over a week ago ? give me a call on the phone if you like...Molly and I are visiting Hana,shes in right now getting her hair done...well we gotta go back up to Hana for another hour or so then head home,hope everyone is well in the Chan world,hope to talk at you all and send some recient pictures..and hopefully a short video...Hana is sure getting big,carries my pic around and says papa...walk softly...go far...Evan

Re: Hey out there

I've been worried about whether you've been getting my e-mails!

Yes, I did get the envelope that you sent and enjoyed it! I stockpiled it for use in a future issue!

Please tell me you'll be in the Chat Room for Chinese Cat Monday so we can all catch up with . . . The Blot!

And congratulations on Hana being a Chan Fan so soon. . . . Papa . . . walk softly . . . go far!

I love it!


Re: Hey out there

Dear Evan,

Little Hana sounds like a wonderful little girl! We will see you on Monday night, hopefully..