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getting going

Trying to get this new thing is messed up, i can recieve right now but not send...susposed to be fixed sometime tomorrow....I HOPE...Virginia tell Bill Lutters i have been getting his mail,i just can't answer as yet...really beautiful weather out here...low 80s high 70s...40 and 50 in the early mornings...
had a blast at the chat room monday...always do have fun in there...question...has anyone heard are the other 4 Mr Motos going to be redone and coming out anytime soon...I noticed that Think Fast Mr Moto, had 11 that i could see actors from the Chan films in it...did you folks see them too if and when you watched it.....???? great fun seeing so many in one movie....Walk softly....go far...Evan

Re: getting going

Will do, Captain! Consider Bill told!

And please tell your provider what's going to happen to them if they don't get you fixed up right!