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check this

check this out i believe i'm right...Think Fast Mr Moto, has 13 Charlie Chan characters in it....Lee Philips,Virginia Field,Thomas Beck,Murry Kinnell,John Rogers,J. Carrol Naish,Fredrick Vogeding,Philip Ahn,Louis Mercier,Richard Alexander,Virginia Sale,Charles Tannen, and Sammee Tong....I thought there were 14 I thought i seen William law as the Chinese Chief of Police, but i guess i was wrong...darn...just some fun trivia you might want to share with the Chan board Virginia...I hope the rest of you reading this found it neat stuff...Evan

Re: check this

Thanks, Evan!

You're an honorary coorespondent on my TOMM magazine who is highly valued!

But you know we love you anyway for your own seet self to begin with!


Re: Re: check this

Dear Evan,

The inclusion of so many "Chan actors/actresses" is one of the things that I enjoy about the Mr. Moto series.

Rush Glick