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I agree Rush...tis a lot of fun

I agree Rush,tis a lot of fun to try and see these folks in various movies as they play different sorts of charaters in other movies we began to like as we watch them...all hiding under various types of make ups for different roles... i didn't know until i looked him up in IMDB that a favorote of mine E.E.Clive was the inspector in CC in London...i was use to seeing him play Butlers a lot. I espically like him in Bulldog Drummond,so i was completely fooled when he played the inspector in CC London...
Many times I have to really look close and rewind the movie to make certain its who i think it is...I often get fooled...I could have sworn i seen William Law,who i like in a Chan movie,and I'm still not convinced he's not..just wishful thinking i guess...
I have always wondered why after putting Boris, Bela, Zucco,and others who have played the "Evil" guy,that Peter Lorrie (a favorite of mine) in a couple Chans or have them in one altogether,boy what fun that could have been to have good guy Charlie trying to out fox those three baddies, could have been an Oscar winner, and what a challenge for Charlie...its my dream movie.....Evan the Dreamer..