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Someone in here send

Someone in here send that as a dream movie to the CC Board and see if they think it would have been a great movie or not...
I look forward every week to get in Rushes chat room,i guess i'll have to get a vcr in here so i can watch it as we talk,as i haven't had one here in my cave since i did start coming to the chatroom...makes it a little difficult to try and guess where everyone is at in what part of the movie,as i find it fun to pick out fun stuff or trivia while watching them...
I have my new Chans and Moto's but haven't watched them as yet...i am weird i guess,i don'r want to soil them..gads what a crazy person i am....they are too nice to allow anyone to touch...still in their wrappers....I have other movies like that i haven't yet opened to watch...i guess i'm for now satified with my old copies,and am saving them for the right time..whatever that may be...Gads!!...
I need to have you Rush and Virginia come over to our home and sit down with me and open and watch them...hahahahaa wishful thinking,i would sure enjoy meeting you both and some of the other Chan fans,but i just don't travel anymore,got to where i hate to drive even 5 miles. So many people out there driving like theres no tomorrow and where they are going is somehow going to not be there when they arrive...scare me a lot,i drive like they are all out to kill me, i see them as Kamakazi pilots,nuts behind a steering wheel oblivious to what can happen to them and other if they crash.... it seems to be a deadly game of cat and mouse with death as the end result....Ah! here i am ranting now...Dang...well i should get off for now i must prepare for sunday school we are studying the book of Colossians,and i also love to help the teacher with it,as he is rather stiff and rather teaches above many of the other folks heads...i like to try and help him by bringing it to them in a picture language where they can see it in their heads like a tv screen...and taking their minds back to a time when there were no Mac Donalds or SUVs to feed you or take you somewhere rapidly,no conviences as we have them today,but take them back in time where it happened...its why i love to read Archeology magazines and see what it was really like without a flash light or car or microwave to heat your coffee or that makes it fun to learn and keeps their attention on whats being taught,and keeps their interests and curiosity going...i had at one time in my younger years wanted to be a teacher of History...but..........ah well i am what i am now...crazy Evan

Re: Someone in here send

You have hit on why so many of us love watching our old movies: For starters, they take us back when people didn't have to worry about taking time-outs to just remember to breath.

There was a graciousness about life back then, a graciousness that I think that Warner Oland had more than Toler and Winters.

(And before anyone jumps on me . . . I love all my hcan movies and I do have them all!)

I can remember sitting on my grandparents' porch with the family and swinging or playing all over it or the front or back yards . . . !

Waiting for Mother to make fudge or watching her and her mother make home-made pimento-cheese spread or cakes or pies. (They'd make cinnimon tarts with the extra pie crusts!)

Or just finding a good book to read or an old movie to watch!


Re: Someone in here send

Dear Evan,

I hope that I will one day pass through your area so that I can do as you suggest and stop by for a Charlie Chan film with you. Who knows, perhaps it may even be on a Chat Night and we can conduct our end of the festivities from your home!


Re: Re: Someone in here send..WOW!

WOW!!!! That would be fantastic....and a great time, its very peaseful out here in the Mountains away from everyone ...and its for dark at night out here people who are here after dark say wow! look at all those stars i've never seen so many. I guess the city and town lights must be too bright to be able to really see them in the great splender that they are,the heavens come alive,we can see many of the satelites going over head,its truely a great sightthe quietness is almost over whelming...then the coyotes sing for us...a great place to live...see you tonight i hope...Evan