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Re: Warner Oland in Before Dawn

I have it on CD it is a lot of fun..I enjoy the "OLD DARK HOUSE" flicks,thunder,lighting and one must have a weird spooky looking Butler to meet you at the door in a thunder storm,and a creepy looking maid to also lend some spookyness to it...and then of course what great movies like that wouldn't have secret panels and people watching you thru a large picture of some grouchy looking old guy...and of course you must have bodies disappearing all over the place...and then also one espically scarey room that no one has been into for 50 years as there was a strage killing in there and now strange moanings and other spine chilling sounds come from it after midnight...heheheheee OOOooooooo!!!! Evan

Re: Re: Warner Oland in Before Dawn

Thank you, both, gentlemen! I will have to see if I can find this one at my local video rental. I'm sorry that I missed it on TCM.

Rush Glick