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I Hit the Jackpot!

I have gotten a reply from a lady that may be the sole surviving member of Bela Lugosi's 1931 verstion of "Dracula"!

Ms. Carla Laemmle is now 97 years-old and was kind enough to not only answer some questins that I had sent her but sent along a nice note, as well.

She has had to raise the price she asks for her pictures to $10.00 but I would consider it to be worth it!

As to the note and Q & A . . . they'll be in the next issue of "The Old Movie Maven" Magazine!


Re: I Hit the Jackpot!

Dear Virginia,

Congratulations on getting in touch with Carla. I, too, would consider the picture worth the $10. In fact, the contact itself is priceless.

Looking forward to seeing the issue of your magazine.