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2 questions for Rush

I know that you and probably the other people interviewed for the featurettes on the Charlie Chan Collection Volume I spent several hours giving various opinions and commentary on Charlie Chan. With Volume II coming out, was there any indication given to you that there would be more commentary featurettes from all of you as each volume is released? Lastly, I was curious if you know if there are any descendants or relatives of Earl Derr Biggers still living today? It is stated that his son Robert Ladd Biggers was 17 years old when his father passed away.

Re: 2 questions for Rush

Dear Gene,

First, I believe that there must be some heirs of Earl Derr Biggers living today, but I am not certain as to that. Next, there will be "extra" material in the upcoming Chan release that is, it seems, due for release in early December. As for what will or ill not be included with furure releases, I do not know at this time.

Also, Gene, as you know, the next Charlie Chan showing at the Old Town Music Hall is set for this coming weekend. I plan to be there, hopefully for the matanee. I have a class that ends around noon, and I (with Gary) will be hurrying up to El Segundo in hopea of an on-time arrival.