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The Charlie Chan Family Message Board
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Our Monday Evening Chat/Viewing: "Murder Over New York (8pm, EDT)

Please join us for our Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing featuring “Murder Over New York,” starring Sidney Toler. In this unusual adventure, Charlie Chan, who is visiting New York City to attend a gathering of police suddenly finds himself racing to solve a baffling murder and, at the same time, try to prevent a gang of saboteurs from destroying a secret bomber!

We begin, as usual, at 8:00 p.m., EASTERN time with arrivals and greetings. Then, thirty minutes later, we begin running our personal copies of this very fine film, which allows us to watch it together as our evening’s discussion progresses.

Our Chat Room is located RIGHT HERE at our Charlie Chan Family Home. Please use any of the “Chat Room” links to join us.

Even if you do not happen to have a copy of our featured movie, please do join us, as you will NOT be left out of our ongoing chat and festivities. Also, as is our custom, newcomers are offered the seat of honor at our humble table.

Let’s get together for much more fun as we watch and “Murder Over New York”…

Rush Glick