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The Boomerang has returned .

Long time no see , besides the title of Marc Lawrence's autobiography , is also an apt reference to my 37 months in the online wilderness .
But now I have my new Net connection to my new house I can once more partake of things Chan .
And especially CC at the Racetrack that is next week . Of course here in Melbourne the talk has been of The Cup for months . Indeed last week the mystery of the death of the horse Phar Lap ( upon which the CC movie is loosely based ) , was again front page news when the latest forensic tests proved he was poisoned by arsenic while in the USA . This and a recapping of the mystery for a younger generation filled 4 pages of the leading daily paper ! ( Rush , those pages and the famous 50 cent coin for 2006 for next weeks winner is in the mail , watch for them in the next few days ).
I will be online for the event as usual but somewhat more comfortably this year than in the last few years when I have had to be online in Internet Cafes full of teenagers playing ferocious online games !
This year I will cook my infamous Charlie Chan pork (Karate)chops for the lunchtime online Cup session . ( Well it will be lunchtime here anyway ) Together with Hawaiian (sucker) Punch .
See ya then if not sooner .

Re: The Boomerang has returned .

Dear Steve,

Welcome back!

I received the letter along with the cherished Winner's Coin for this year and the article on Phar Lap's sad demise. I may try to scan it and include it with our image for our Chat on Monday.

Could you please send me a list of the horses who will race in this year's race, please? I can look them up, but, to be safe, can you send me the latest information, please?

Take care, and we shall see you, hopefully, for the Melbourne Cup.


Re: Re: The Boomerang has returned .

Wow , it seems like only a few days ago I posted that envelope . I just looked up the latest feild for the Cup and they still have 50 horses listed ! Only about 25 will actually run . And one of the favourites a British horse has just been put down due to some accident in training . There is always something dramatic happening in the lead up to the race .
One of the most charming tradtions of the Cup is the day before when all the previous winners still in the country parade down the main street , even ones from 25 years ago are still around living in pampered retirement . Thousands of people turn out to cheer the old champions .
I'll have a better idea of the field after the weekend .
See ya , STEVE

Re: Re: Re: The Boomerang has returned .

How many men would enjoy that kind of pampered "retirement", especially since many of they are put the dreary second job of "stud"!

Welcome Back, Steve!


Re: Re: Re: The Boomerang has returned .

Dear Steve,

Thank you! This should be a very fun evening. We have, usually, around a dozen "regulars" for our Chats these days. We'll see how many turn out for the Big Race.