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Louise Henry

Hi Folks, this is Karen/EveCairo visiting you lovely folks. Louise Henry was in a number of CC films. I looked her up and didn't get much bio or much information about her except the movies that she was in. Does anyone know what has happened to her? Hey, Evan, miss your posts. I have sent you a number of e-mails but I don't think they reached you. Fondly, Karen

Re: Louise Henry

It's a great pity that there is so little info on these lesser known actors and actresses . We really should start a project to research biographies on them and post them maybe here as well as the IMDB . I did one years ago for Iris Wong as she had absolutely nothing listed about her there and it's a shame cos she was so good in Reno and Rio with Jimmy . They would have made a good movie spin off team along the lines of Nancy Drew type stories .

Re: Re: Louise Henry

Thanks Steve, I will see what I can find on the internet. She also was in The Casino Murder Case. And she was involved in writing the movie "Remember Last Night". What a talent but credits for her end in 1939. Thanks again, Karen