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Re: Re: Re: Marc Laurence aka Steve McBirney

A few years ago, I met Marc Lawrence at an autograph show in Studio City. I asked him a couple of questions about the Charlie Chan films he did, and he signed several homemade pics I made off of "Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum." When I told him that I had flown 3000 miles to meet him, he playfully slapped my face. lol His assistant whispered to me that he was giving me a compliment, which I took it as. Kinda like the way Steve McBirney would have slapped his pal Grenock! lol I have some video footage of the slap and of meeting him. Also some audio of him talking a little about Warner Oland, Eddie Marr (Grenock), and C. Henry Gordon (Dr. Creme). Audio is pretty noisy, though, from all the people in the room. But he was a really nice guy to meet.