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Letting everyone know I am still alive!

Well everyone, I am still around. I am working very hard at work. Thanksgiving at work was very busy. "Charlie Chan Night" at work is still going fine. All of the residents of the retirement community, that I work at are enjoying the Chan movies. The numbers for each Chan night has varied from as many as 56 to as little as 12. I believe the latter number has a lot to do to the upcoming holidays. As of last week, we have suspended our Chan Viewing Night until after the holidays.(Sometime in January. I really wish I can do the online chat on Monday Evenings, but I now work on Mondays, and I don't get home until after 8:PM PST. Hope everyone is doing fine? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! At work, we served 378 people (Residents and Guests) on Thanksgiving Day. I baked 24 Pumpkin Pies, 24 Apple Pies, 12 Mince Meat Pies, and a Large Hungarian Raspberry Nut Cake. Very Busy! I'll be back checking this site later.

Re: Letting everyone know I am still alive!

Thanks for letting us know that you are still alive and still rooting for Chan!

I hope you can make it to our Monday Night Chat as soon as possible!


Re: Letting everyone know I am still alive!

Dear Sam,

I, too, wish that your schedule would allow you to join us for our Monday evenings together. But, you perform a very valuable service to the senior community that you care for. The enjoyment that you bring by offering your own Charlie Chan nights probably pales ours by comparison. I wish you the very best as you carry out your most worthy work.