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Charlie Chan Carries On footage found

Last night while doing Warner Oland research I found the trailer for the Lost movie Charlie Chan Carries On . No it wasn't in an attic , in fact it was screened publicly in July 2005 ! It screened at the Mary Pickford theatre , associated with the Library of Congress , together with the trailer for CC in Honolulu and others . It seems the Carries On trailer was a premiere of the restored 35mm print , presumable now in the LoC archive. So barring it getting lost again in a vast impersonal archive we should eventually see it .
(Rush I tried to let you know by email but I haven't been able to get through for about 10 days . )
Together with the 42 seconds of outtakes from Greatest Case , this 3 minute trailer gives us an insight into the earliest days of Chan talkies .
Virginia , the drinks are on me , champaigne for everyone !
See ya , STEVE

Re: Charlie Chan Carries On footage found

Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for sharing this information. Hopefully this can make its way to a future Chan release as an "extra." And, WHAT an extra that would be!

I don't know if you recall the person from your country who claimed to have had a video copy, or a partial one, dubbed into French, of "Charlie Chan's Chance." A friend supposedly held the original. At the time his story had a the ring of being the truth. Of course, nothing ever came of this, but wouldn't that be something, as well? If it had been a total hoax, he did some pretty good research to make it sound real!

Thank you, again, Steve...


Re: Charlie Chan Carries On footage found

I've got the caviar and all!