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Re: A Guide to Charlie Chan Films

Dear Roy,

I consider this book to be a "must" for Charlie Chan fans or others hoping to gain knowledge on the subject of the Great Detective. I suggest that you shop around over the Internet, and, somewhere you will find a more affordable copy. May I recommend that you first begin with (I just looked, and I see one there for $39.99). They are a great sourse, tapping booksellers from all over the world. Next, keep your eyes on eBay. On occasion, they have one of these books on auction. Also, have you tried

Happy hunting! I know you will find what you are looking for.

Rush Glick

Re: Re: A Guide to Charlie Chan Films

Thanks for checking on this Rush! However, I believe you may be quoting the price for Mr. Hanke's fine book "Charlie Chan at the Movies", which I already own. I was looking for the late Charles Mitchell's "A Guide to Charlie Chan Films", which I cannot find anywhere for less than $80.

Was hoping to finally join you and the clan again tonight for my favorite Chan film, but alas will not be able to. Hope all is well with you, and aside from who murdered Allen Colby, I'm certain the topic of lots of discussion will be tomorrow's release of Volume 2. It's been on my Christmas Wish List for quite some time - guess I can wait 3 more weeks.

- Roy Webber

Re: Re: Re: A Guide to Charlie Chan Films

Dear Roy,

Yes, you are correct. Sorry about the mistake. My recommendation is to keep an eye on eBay, as the book surfaces there on occasion. You may have a chance at a lower price there.