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Who was the actor that played StreamLine on
Charlie Chan at the Racetrack?

SFC Darryl Cannon
USA, Camp Walker, Korea

Re: actor

It was John Henry Allen who only made five more movies after Race Track.

His entry at the Intenet Movie Database is at

And welcome to our Chan World!


Re: Re: actor

Thank you so much Virginia.


Re: Re: Re: actor

Dear Darryl,

Thank YOU so much for your service to our country. Where you are, are you able to get the new Charlie Chan DVD set, "Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 2," that contains "Charlie Chan at the Race Track," the movie mentioned by Virginia?

Rush Glick

Re: actor


I just want to say "thank you" for your service to America. May you have a joyous and Blessed Christmas, and may you find your way safely home to your loved ones in the near future. My best to your fellow soldiers as well.