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Re: Need Help regarding Kay Linaker or Pauline Moore

Hi Craig,

Pauline Moore can be written at her Pearly Gates address c/o St. Peter. Unfortunately She suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease the last part of her life. You can probably write her kids. Kurt Schmidt over at can help you with that as he is a major Pauline fan and has been in contact with her family.

Virginia the Movie Maven can probably help you out with Kay Linaker. Kay's on the East Coast somewhere and apparently is still in good health and quite active in her 90s. Virginia is active on this board and I'm sure you'll hear from her shortly.

There are precious few actors left from the Chan series proper. As recently as 10 years ago there were numerous ones still alive (Thomas Beck, Marc Lawrence, Doug Fowley, Leon Ames, Olive Brasno, etc.) but as Orson Welles said, "time waits for no man".

I've been trying to determine if Louise Henry from Broadway/Reno is still alive/in good health but, as you said, finding info on relatively obscure actors is very difficult. Sometimes they just don't want to be found.

Good luck with tracking down Kay Linaker!


Maven Comes to the Rescue!

I wrote to Ms. Linaker at

Kay Phillips
144 Castle Street, Apt. 3
Keene, NH 03431

And if my memory serves (and it increasingly refuses to even show up much less serve), Kay was/is a teacher at Keene State College so you might also try

Hope this helps,
(aka Maven)

Re: Maven Comes to the Rescue!

Hello Virginia! I wrote Kay Linaker/Phillips back in November, and included some items for her to sign. I haven't heard back from her. When you wrote her, did she respond? Thanks.