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Re: "Hollywood Chinese" on PBS

Dear Boivin,

I have not seen the program you mention, as yet. As it was on PBS, I can say that I had some doubts as to how they would portray issues such as Charlie Chan, and others. It seems to me that the critic who noted that no Chinese would speak in aphorisms such as did Charlie Chan believes that he or she has a monopolistic grasp of the Chinese psyche! Also, he or she seems to be telling us that all Chinese are the same. Hm. Sounds a bit racist, to me...

Many of us tire at this incessant "straw man" argument brought up by so many misguided individuals, who, if they had it in their power, would certainly try to eradicate a part of our collective history. I doubt that they, themselves, realize just how closely, in this, they march, echoing the destructive footsteps of such negative forces as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao...

Rush Glick

Re: "Hollywood Chinese" on PBS

Nicely put Rush!! I also seem to recall a few years back on TCM, a panel discussion was held on the Chan movies and the same sentiment was conveyed by similar supposed film learned asian individuals who I can not recall as well as some non-asians.These films were made 60-70 years ago and I don't understand why people still feel they need to voice this politically correct baloney.This world has truly turned the corner for the worse!! Or, has it passed me by!!!!!

Re: "Hollywood Chinese" on PBS

For a better understanding of what Asian-American actors went through during the Golden Age of Hollywood, I recommend viewing these two fine documentaries. Both of these documentaries are available for rent and/or purchase. One is available through NetFlicks.

To purchase "Hollywood Chinese" (2007) on DVD, please visit the website for Deep Focus Productions. The price for a new DVD is $29.95. The web address is: All three Chan actors are represented in this documentary.

To purchase "The Slated Screen" (2006) on DVD, please visit New DVDs list at $22.95. Used DVDs are available in the lower teens. Also, there is a website for The Slated Screen.

Among the faces on the cover of the DVD case is Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan. I'm not sure if he is in the film. Also, Amazon lists a few reviews from people who have viewed this documentary. The reviews are positive.