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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...
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Art of Scooters - new scooter book

In a shameless piece of promotion, as Andy (Quiff) and Matty B had a hand in writing this book, can we please bring this publication to your attention?

Offering large high-quality photos from the Scootering Magazine archives, it looks at scooter customising through the decades with chapters on the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today.

As such it covers everything from scooter enthusiast rallies in the black & white days, Mods from the 60s and revival, and beyond until the 21st century with further chapters on choppers, street racers, 30 years of the Vespa PX, Music, Conflict theme'd bikes, lifestyle, engine transplants, accessories and more.

Scooters like Spirit Walker, Warlord, Alien, England Expects, Sign of the Snake, Headhunter, Goodbye Eric (one of Rob Henson's), Wake, DTC racers, Armandos Vespas, Rothmans, Revenge, Rhapsody & Blues, Nike Racer, Sonic Dream, One For the Road, Nam, Colonel Kilgore, Day Tripper, Egyptian Swan, Future Shock, Living on The Breadline ... over 140 custom scooters in all and 132 pages.

A decent trip down memory lane to see scooters from old, and of course how they compare to scooters of today.

You can find out more details here, available online or at WH Smiths in the high street.

Thanks, Andy (& Matty B)

art of scooters