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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...

Bob says, "Feel free to post, ask, reply, enquire, solve and help, but please DON'T offer us any viagra, cures for baldness, or the contents of a recently deceased African's bank account. We're not interested!"

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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...
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I'm not dead

Greetings! Seems not a lot has happened in the last ? years, or have I really been that far out of the loop? Missed the re-union however long ago that was due to being stuck in one of Her Maj's hotels so how about another one so I can compare grey hairs and extended girths?
If anyone finds themselves in the Broadstairs area (that's near Margate and Ramsgate dontcha know)then pop round for a cuppa and a dip into nostalgic waters. That's a euphemism obviously. For the real thing the beach is a few hundred yards down the road. Lovely Jubbly! Got a couple of kids now, Grace 7 and Oscar 5 will welcome any others. Contact me at or 07765 396 894.
ps looking to get another scoot. Just got rid of a Piaggio X9 500 that's been sat in the garage for 4 years but want a large frame traditional Vespa (P-range or Rally)Got naff all wonga so would appreciate anything for free!! If anyone's got bits in boxes etc, I'm sure I can remember how to sling it all back together. See ya soon, Lolboy

Town Broadstairs