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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...

Bob says, "Feel free to post, ask, reply, enquire, solve and help, but please DON'T offer us any viagra, cures for baldness, or the contents of a recently deceased African's bank account. We're not interested!"

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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...
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I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and see if the Eagles have their own site. I have just spent the bank holiday browsing through some of the old photos and nearly had a heart attack to discover I was in a couple of the pictures. I showed my two children, who thought it was hilarious, to see their mum had a life before they came along. Now I feel really old. I must say its not until you look back you realise what good times they were. I dont really keep in touch with anyone from the scooter club any more, except for Leslie Bevan, but it would be great if you would like to contact me by return. I hope you are all well. Look forward to chatting to you soon!!!

Fondest memories,

Lisa Horwood