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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...

Bob says, "Feel free to post, ask, reply, enquire, solve and help, but please DON'T offer us any viagra, cures for baldness, or the contents of a recently deceased African's bank account. We're not interested!"

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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...
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Founder member back on the road!

Very happy to report that Big Lee (Sitton) one of our founder members (& one of the original magnificent 7) is back on the road on a Vespa and just represented the club at the I.O.W rally & is looking to buy a lambretta no less, good on ya mate!
like to say a quick hi to Colin, Tim, Lisa & Pete, its been a long time, also Simon Daniels if you read this get in touch mate!
has anyone seen or heard from Phil lately?

Town Watford

Re: Founder member back on the road!

Always good to hear of another scooter back on the road.

As always Bob and I were on the Island again this year, as was Andy Roberts.

I will post some photos again soon, but I've been so busy riding around in 2009 that I've had no time to do much to the Eagles website.
I've also got some old picture from Tim to upload, but again, they will probably have to wait a bit longer...

Right, off to the garage to sort a new piston for the GP and tweak the Li 185 before Woolacombe in a couple of weeks!