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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...

Bob says, "Feel free to post, ask, reply, enquire, solve and help, but please DON'T offer us any viagra, cures for baldness, or the contents of a recently deceased African's bank account. We're not interested!"

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Forum: Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...
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Old club Patch wanted

Has anyone got an old Eagles back patch they don't want any more?

Mine is quite literally worn out and threadbare with most of the print faded.
As such I have to sneak a go of Bob's jacket at rallies when he's not looking!


Town Essex

Re: Old club Patch wanted

Cheers Phil, you're a gent no matter what the others say!!

I'll wear it with pride as soon as I've got it sewn on to a denim!!

Thanks again mate, next round is on me.


Re: Old club Patch wanted

Hey!!! I was wondering if I could buy one, or even an old jacket would be grand!!!! I live in Clearwater, Florida, but I love the scooter club scene in Europe!!! Unfortunatley it's not that large here......but, what can ya do? I'm a fan of Fine Young Cannibals, and since I've been a kid loved the video, just somehow never realized who it was, haha. So please let me know, this will be for me and me only, to actually wear. So please don't think I'm trying to get some collecter piece or some crap like that. Honestly any old jacket, patch, etc. I could buy would really kick ass!!! Thanks again!! Phinnie Gehl

Town Clearwater

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