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Welcome to the A41 Eagles' message board...
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The Wobbly Wheels Rally | September 2012 | Indian Himalayas

Imagine yourself in some of the most exotic corners of the Himalayas handpicked for you by the experts. Imagine getting there in the luxury you are accustomed to. Imagine world-class accommodation options where none exist. Imagine yourself escorted by some of the best known Himalayan veterans. Imagine yourself wrapped cosily in a blanket with everything from hot coffee to live television at your beck and call.

Now throw all of that out of the window and imagine the opposite!

You are still in some of the remotest and most fantastic locations in the Himalayas. You make your way there on a trusty old scooter (yes, you read that right!). You sleep under the stars or request a village family to let you stay with them. The nearest phone is a hundred miles away. You are utterly lost and do not have a GPS. And then the rear tyre of your trusty scooter falls off!

Which scenario would you like to be in?

If you are like me and the second one calls out to you, this is the adventure for you. Read on...

Explore and discover the Himalayas this September in a manner never done before. We invite you to the Wobbly Wheels Rally. You will be taking a scooter of your choice (all colours welcome as long as the engine is smaller than 125cc) to some of the choicest locations in the mountains. You will figure out the route the way explorers of yore used to - with paper maps, a compass and the position of the sun and stars. All this for nothing more than the glory of doing something no one has done before.

Are you game? Registrations now open.

Town New Delhi (India)