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Hi, Just came across your site and as the daughter of a Glen Alum family, I was captured. My mother is Clara Evelyn Miller, daughter of Leonard and Martha Miller. She has many stories from her years in Glen Alum and I'm sure she could add a few memories to your site. I will pass along the mailing address since she has never entered the world of computers. I live in Columbus, Ohio and although I never lived in Glen Alum, there were many weekends trips back home to vistit Grandma and the rest of the family.

Re: address

Hi Tammi, my name is Sharon Hatfield and I just read your post to Judy's Forum, is your mother a sister to Betty Gail and Phyllis Miller? If so, they were married to my two uncles, Greenway and Marion Hatfield. If I am not mistaken Leonard and Martha Miller were their parents as well.