Woburn Area Job Postings

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Woburn Area Job Postings
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Ingenuity... Woburn, MA

Cummings Properties operates 10 million square feet of modern commercial office, medical, engineering, and laboratory space in 11 north-of-Boston suburbs. The organization also runs the $2 billion Cummings Foundation.

This 50-year-old, highly successful firm is seeking sincere candidates who are smart, hardworking college graduates with at least three years of business experience, and who are out to prove something about how they could help our great firm.

These are high paying salaried positions with strong benefits for at least two candidates with high career aspirations and work ethics to match. Strong writing and conversational abilities will be essential.

Applicants should be local area professionals searching NOT for a job, but really for a career. They will begin as special projects managers reporting to our president and may have proven expertise in accounting, building construction, sales, or business development, or as attorneys.

Resumes not accompanied by a thoughtfully prepared cover letter will not be considered.

Send to hiring@cummings.com.

All replies will be acknowledged.