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feedback regarding jawahar school

Today, I happened to go through the article based on Jawahar school. Me one of the old students of jawahar school felt really bad on the critics. Ofcourse I do obey the review on instability during the 1990 but inspite of that it is still growing and still has its own mark in the history of best education. there are n number of engineers and doctors and professionals who had come out of the school. once it was know for only ranks . first 5 . even in the recent past say couple of years back there was a girl who secured a rank and was given very good ratings by the media people. i am replying this not just because i was a student (i had been in cluny for sometime and many of friends and cousins are also from other schools) but the review article was too much focussed on St.Pauls which i dont understand and except for the 1st paragraph the comments were quite damaging. it was really shocking to see this. Even now people identify Neyveli with Jawahar school. With moderate fee it provides best education. Me sitting in one part of the world and typing this message , Jawahar schools best disciplined education would be the only reason. still people are fascinated to know that i was student there. this is not my view its the view of almost all the students who were there. My sincere request wld b appreciate the good things and need not give very damaging comments nor demarketing on the education. its a sensitive thing infact.Thanks.

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Re: feedback regarding jawahar school

I totally agree with her... i feel the comments on the jawahar school on Post/Pre Mr.Sundaram era only belittles the hardwork and efforts put up by the teachers and principal who have strived to bring back the school to its fame after the shameful two years at the ******* of Mr.Sundaram's years.
Critics are always welcome, but there should not be any prejudice on the part of the critics

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Re: Re: feedback regarding jawahar school

I too join these guys coz i was also a student and i know the standard and the quality of the education they provide.I request the guy (whoever wrote that article),not to criticize this great school.

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