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Jew-ruled SweCIA PornoKingdom's polit-pigs spread lies against oppressed peoples. It's War Crime, Al

Jew-ruled SweCIA PornoKingdom's polit-pigs spread lies against oppressed peoples. It's War Crime, Alliance Cirminals still became...
Swedish parliamentarians call for action against Iran

Postat i Debatt, Islamiska republiken Iran, Sionism av Mohamed Omar den november 11, 2011


Twelve members of Parliament have signed an appeal, published on the 11th of November [1], calling on the Swedish government to support Israel against Iran. The headline read: “Sweden has to support Israel in its struggle against the Iranian bomb”.

The signatories come from four right wing parties (liberal and conservative) which together make up the ruling block called “Alliansen” (The Alliance). They all seem fully aware that weakening Iran is the same as strengthening Israel and vice versa. Therefore to support Israel, according to this logic, is to oppose The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Except all being members of The Alliance they have one other thing in common: they are staunch and uncompromising supporters of the Zionist colonial project. It is pretty obvious that it is the interests of the Zionist regime which motivates them, not the fear of an imaginary Iranian bomb.

There is no Iranian bomb now, there has never been one, and there are no plans to construct one in the future. What the signatories really want is to isolate Iran and undermine its moral, intellectual and political influence in the Islamic world and in the global Anti-Zionist movement. It is true that The Islamic Republic poses a threat to the Zionist regime, not because of any imaginary bomb, but because of its moral, intellectual and political support for the resistance.

If these Swedish parliamentarians were sincerely concerned with the spread of nuclear weapons they would, if they were also rational, rather have called for action against the Zionist regime, which evidently has a large arsenal of nuclear weapons. And unlike Iran, which is a peaceful nation, the Zionist regime has, during its short existence, launched several wars, occupied and ethnically cleansed Palestine and is constantly threatening its neighbors, including Iran, with war, terror and destruction.

The IAEA should, that is if they could operate without pressure from the Zionist lobby, investigate the real nuclear arsenal of Israel instead of looking for an imaginary Iranian bomb. In fact, unlike the signatories of the appeal, who only use the imaginary nuclear threat from Iran as a pretext to advance the cause of Zionism, The Islamic Republic of Iran has made serious efforts to ensure a nuke-free Middle East. Iran hosted its first major disarmament conference in 2010 dubbed “Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapon for None.” It is Israel, with its refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), that’s impeding these efforts.

The Islamic Republic has never threatened the Jewish people, ethnic Jews of whatever faith or believers of the Jewish faith of whatever ethnicity. Dr Ahmadinejad, the lawfully elected president of Iran, has called for the immediate dismantling of the illegal Zionist state, never for the annihilation of the Jewish people. If he had there would not be a prospering Jewish community in Iran enjoying religious freedom as well as complete peace and security.

Therefore we can easily conclude that the call of these parliamentarians is not a call for peace and nuclear disarmament. Quite the contrary, it’s a call for the defense of the aggressive, occupying and warmongering Zionist regime. And as I have already stated all of the signatories are affiliated, one way or the other, with Zionist extremism.

Fredrick Federley of the Center Party (Centerpartiet) belongs to the most audacious supporters of Israeli state terrorism. He has openly donated money to the Zionist regime [2] and has called members of the Palestinians resistance “dogs”! [3]

Birgitta Ohlsson of The People Party (Folkpartiet), married to Jewish Zionist Mark Klamberg, is a frequent guest of the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine. She hardly never misses and opportunity to promote Zionist interests and was among the celebrators of Israel’s sixtieth birthday. Her devotion to the illegal Zionist state is only matched by her contempt for the Swedish nation state. On the Swedish National Day of 2001 she published an article titled “Abolish Sweden!” [4]

The Zionist state should be preserved at all costs but the state of Sweden should be abolished! To say that you want to abolish Sweden is thus fine, but if you dare say that you want to abolish the illegal Zionist state you are an Anti-Semite! Swedish nationalism is a sin, Jewish is a virtue. The twelve signatories clearly do not represent the Swedish people but rather a small clique of Zionist zealots.

[1] ”Sverige måste stödja Israel i kampen mot den iranska bomben”, Newsmill , 11/11 2011
[2] Fredrick Federley: ”Därför skänker jag pengar till Israel”, Expressen, 14/7