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The world of self-publishing

As a newbie when it comes to the world of fiction writing, I am hoping to capitalize on the experience and guidance of you veteran CCW members as I'm about to publish my first book. Since I know nothing about self-publishing (other than it's probably the way to go if I'd like to get a book out in my lifetime), I'm very interested in whatever advice you'd like to pass along.

I'll take everything from hearty endorsements ("I loved working with Publisher X") to red flag warnings ("Whatever you do, DO NOT use Publisher Y"). If you have good leads either way, I'm all ears. Anything else you'd like to share in the world of self-publishing would be most appreciated. If it's valuable info, I'll name my first-born after you (as long as you like his name since he's had it for a few decades already).

Thanks for listening--or whatever you're doing here.

Scotty out