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ORC and cross country

Few announcements for the mud aficionados, in chronological order...

Off road champs

22.10 @1430 Standish trail 10k, this is race 1 of 5 remaining in the champs, and by coincidence, you need just 5 to count and get a chance to bag a trophy without going ballistic with the efforts on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Cross country

23.10 @1000 clarkes gardens Liverpool, brought to you by the mighty PLS with a new and improved route

Cross country

28.01.17 north of England champs, location is been unveiled to be once again...Knowsley safari park!
Come and run against cheetahs and antelopes, well not literally the animals, but some of the very fast runners you might have seen on telly this summer, if you like me, were sad enough to binge watch the Olympics instead of game of thrones like normal people do‚

Re: ORC and cross country

When I think of Standish I just get reminded of Lawrence being trapped in a car park unable to make it to the start