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Social Secretary Role

Good morning everyone,

With much regret, I have decided to step down from my post as Social Secretary with immediate effect. I am really sad about this decision, but I have taken it for personal reasons. Very best wishes to whoever takes on the role next, and thank you to everyone who has taken part in the social events over the past two years - your enthusiasm made the job worthwhile. It was my privilege, thank you. No more social posts or annoying little hashtags from me. #overandout

Re: Social Secretary Role

Thanks for all your amazing efforts Claire, your enthusiasm is contagious, you'll be sorely missed

Re: Social Secretary Role

but we *love* the hashtags!!!!

Seriously though, as I said on Facebook, you did a fab job making me feel welcome and included when I first joined, many thanks for all the hard work.


#WeArePennyLane #TeamPLS

Re: Social Secretary Role

I would like to echo Marks view and the sentiment of what i imagine to be most members of the club.
The added social engagement you have helped facilitate and actively promote is - I think - key to the spirit of a running club which, whilst wanting to be the best and compete at the highest levels possible, also wants to feel welcoming to people of all abilities.
The social side is instrumental in helping to instill this spirit of 'a club for all' and in losing you from this key role, I think leaves a bloody great big cold hole of nowt but competitiveness #pleasereconsider