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Archive images for website

Hi all,

I'm planning to add an Archive section to the photos page on our website, to act as a repository for old photos of club members, events etc. If anyone has old pictures that they are able to share (I'm thinking anything from before the age of digital / camera phones) could you send them over to please?

The page as it currently stands is here:

Many thanks.

Re: Archive images for website

Thanks John - most of mine are on Flickr; can these links be kept too? Dave Pinno uses it too. It's great looking back!

Re: Archive images for website

I'll have a chat with my back fence neighbour Jimmy Walker (aka 90s PLS leg-end) and see if I can get anything out of him...
Watch this space

Re: Archive images for website

Thanks both, Rachel yes, I've found your Flickr page and we can embed your pics into our website (in actual fact we're doing this already with a couple of other people's albums you can see lower down the Photos page).

If anyone else has a Flickr account containing old photos, let me know.