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ORC #16 Tour of Pendle 27km - Sat 18.11 @1030

ORC #16 Tour of Pendle 27km - Sat 18.11 @1030
Arguably the toughest race in the calendar, it makes its first appearance on PLS radar this year and to quote our connoisseur Lawrence 'Tour of Pendle might just break you in two' be fair he means myself, so you'll be fine 💪🏻🏃‍♀🏃🏻⛰🐐🐏
Another msg from our man of the mountains Lawrence 'Remember Pendle is much cheaper pre entry (£9 +50p postage, against £20 entry on the day). I went around the route yesterday and it's not as bad as I recalled. Actually did it faster than the race, but there was no snow yesterday. Two descents are very very steep'
Sounds great to me!

Re: ORC #16 Tour of Pendle 27km - Sat 18.11 @1030


There's still time to enter this in advance and save £11, just be aware it requires full self sufficient gear, see link above for details.