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Full Moon Headtorch run

Full Moon Headtorch runs are back! Join us for wild adventures in the parks when the golfers are asleep and the moon is fat. I will take the first one and after that we'll see what the night brings.
If you do not have a headtorch and want to try I have some spares. Any questions just message me.

Have you noticed a bunch of striders lurking about the place with head torches on the odd Thursday? Want to know what it’s all about?
Once a month, when the parks are quiet and the moon is fat, we turn into werewolves take to the local parks and dance naked in the moonlight! All right, all right. We just go for a run, but I promise you that it’s the most fun you’re gonna have with your clothes on.
Running off road is good for you because it puts different stresses on joints and muscles and it’s a great way to get a good workout whilst minimising the risk of repetitive injury. It’s a good laugh with friends and helps you become a better runner. A win-win situation, don’t you agree?
So come on, find your trail shoes (or an old pair of trainers), get yourself a head torch and join us!
The park run group starts at 7pm as normal on club nights on the following dates:


Qualified leaders will accompany the group on each occasion. We take in the local parks (Clarks Gardens, Camp Hill etc. and other nearby exotic locations).
It’s a safe and fun outing suitable for all club members.
If you are unsure and/or want to have a chat before you try it out speak to any of the group leaders or contact CristinalaFiorentina on facebook for more details.

Re: Full Moon Headtorch run

It's headtorch night folks!
Phil Macklin will lead this one.
Have fun