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Posting Results

Hi All,

Message with my Stato head on 🤓

If you want your times recording in the Results spreadsheet linked from the website can you please record them on the Forum under the “Results and Race Reports” for the particular month.

I don’t have any other way of seeing your results without going through every race on the Power of 10, which is not practical.

So to avoid disappointment when your times do not appear post your times on the Forum.

Re: Posting Results

I found the spread sheet but don’t know how to fill it in ? I can’t see an option.
Also when does the championship run from and too?

Re: Posting Results

You only have to post in the current month's results thread.
That's all.

Happy running

Re: Posting Results

On and off road Champs run from April to March.
Cross country league from October to February.