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PLS' Off Road Championship 2018/19 - Fixtures and notes

THE OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP - Fixtures and notes
Mark your calendar nice and full for the next 12 months :muscle:

Sat 7th Apr 18 at 2pm– Pendle 7.5km / 4.5m (Lancashire) EOD
Sun 22nd Apr 18 at 09:30 - Clwydian 10m & 20m (16.1km&32km) (N Wales) EOD
Tue 08th May 18 at 19:15 - ThurstatonMT Challenge 10km / 6.1m (Wirral) EOD/TBF
Sat 12th May 2018 at 11:00 – Pendle Cloughs 22.5km / 14m (Lancashire) EOD
Thu 14th Jun 18 at 19:30 – Walsh Two Lads 8km / 5m (Lancashire) EOD/FBF
Wed 27th Jun 18 at 18:30 - Robbie Webster’s Wobbler 10km / 6.1m (Cheshire) EOD/TBF
Sun 8th Jul 18 at 11am – Bollington Nostalgia 12km / 7.4m (Cheshire) EOD/TBF
Wed 25th Jul 18 at 7pm – Harrock Hill 8km / 5m (Lancashire) EOD/TBF
Sun 12th Aug 2018 at 1pm– Two Hillforts 14.8km / 9.2m (N Wales) TBC/EOD
Mon BH 27th Aug 18 at 1pm - Cilcain Mountain Race 7.2km / 4.5m (N Wales) EOD/FBF
Tue 4th Sep 18 at 7pm - Wirral MT, Royden Park 8km / 5m (Wirral) EOD/TBF
Tue 18th Sep 18 at 18:30 - Wirral MT, Harrison Drive 8km / 5m (Wirral) EOD/TBF
Sun 30th Sep 18 at 10 & 11am - Sandstone Trail A (27.3km / 17m) & B (16.1km / 10m) (Cheshire) PEO/TBF
Sun 21st Oct 18 at 10am – Clwydian Hills 15km / 9.5m (n Wales) EOD
Sat 27th Oct 18 at 14:30 - Standish Trail 10k / 6.1m (Lancashire) TBC/EOD/TBF
Sat 17th Nov 18 at 10:30 – Tour of Pendle 27km / 16.8m (Lancashire) EOD
Sat 15th Dec 18 at 9am - Wepre parkrun 5k / 3.1m (N Wales) PEO/TBF
Sat 12th Jan 19 at 12:30 - Ashurst Beacon 10km / 6.1m (Lancashire) TBC/EOD/FBF
Sat 16th Feb 19 at 2pm - Parbold Hill 10.8km / 6.75m (Lancashire) TBC/PEO/TBF
Sun 10th Mar 19 at 11am - Roddlesworth Roller 9km / 5.5m (Lancashire) TBC/EOD/TBF

Sat 11th Nov 2018 at 1pm - Betws-y-Coed trail 10k / 6.1m (N Wales) PEO
Sun 3rd Mar 2019 at 11am – Cloud Nine 14.5km / 9m (Cheshire) PEO

NOTES (please read this part carefully):
This is a bespoke competition for all abilities, focused on the adventures and freedom of off road running.
There could not have been a better way to kick off this season with THE Merseyside fellrunning championship in Pendle! Let’s show PLS rule the off road too:ram: :snow_capped_mountain:
As always, you need to complete at least 5 races to be in with a shout for a trophy; best 5 scores will count towards the final Results; refer to Constitution for further details
For the Clywdian race (April) runners can enter either the 10m or 20m races with the same points available for both events. This will also be the case for the Sandstone Trail A/B races (September)
If the Tour of Pendle (November) clashes with a cross country Sunday league event, then it will be replaced with one of the reserves.
Some fell races require you to carry full safety gear, please check this before entering and refer to FRA list

EOD – Entry On the Day
PEO – Pre Entry Only
TBC – (date and time) To Be Confirmed
TBF – Trailrunning Beginner Friendly
FBF – Fellrunning Beginner Friendly

Happy OFF ROAD running :mountain: :runner:

Re: PLS' Off Road Championship 2018/19 - Fixtures and notes

Additional note: ALL athletes competing in the minimum five required fixtures, will receive a memento at the awards ceremony :ok_hand: