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Christmas Devil's Gallop - Sunday 23.12

Is it xmas...again already? :scream:
Well, that can only mean one thing...
The Great Devil's Gallop :smiling_imp: :racehorse:

Meet at sport centre 0730 for longer route, via hale village, 13ish miles.
Same place but 0800 for standard route, 9ish miles.
After that, at 11am on the dot, our very own social monster manager Eamonn Brady will throw in the traditional breakfast bonanza at Otterspool café, where we'll be joined by the Happy Bus season ticket holders :trolleybus:

Please post your interest for breakfast here, if you wish not to miss out :+1:
Happy crimbo to all and goodnight :santa: :christmas_tree:

Re: Christmas Devil's Gallop - Sunday 23.12

It doesn't get light till 8.30 so I was thinking same as last year 8.00 for the long one and 8.30 for the short .
10 of us went to the fiveways last year and it was spot on so I will probably do the same this year

Re: Christmas Devil's Gallop - Sunday 23.12

sounds good to me Marty, let's do that!
I'll update it on the other platforms, thanks.