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Off Road Championship - All hands on deck

Hello all,
After recent consultations with prominent members of PLS, I have been made aware that the credibility of this competition might be at stake.
Although the stats are in its favour, with:
• More than ever medals awarded
• No trophies unclaimed in the last two seasons
• For the first time ever in the club's history, not one but two PLS teams took part in the British Fell/Hill Relay championship
Somehow this does not seem to satisfy the appetite of the forever growing off road community.
Now, because as far as I know we are still using democracy to make decisions at this club, I'm calling you earlier than usual to help me in this matter.
As always, I'll host our Off Road Champs' AGM sometimes in early February, date TBC, but before that, I would like you to take some extra time to review the current season’s calendar at the bottom of this message, the results and perhaps even the rules
The criteria you need to apply when choosing the races, based on 15 years of feedback, are in no particular order:
• Fairly local
• Mixture of weekend and mid-week
• Entry on the day
• Affordable
• Popular
• Spread fairly even across the off road racing categories, see listing at bottom of message
• Spread evenly across the season, April to March

Ideally most of the above criteria should apply to each race, although this will be an open discussion on the night.
After you have completed this task, please reply to me ASAP with your proposal, for review.
This way, we will be able to discuss and vote any amendments to the calendar ONLY, democratically as always, on the night, to improve next season.
NOTE: any changes to the rules can be discussed but NOT amended until club’s AGM in June 2019, pending approval.

Happy off road running
Simo (Off Road Manager)

Off Road Champs 2018/19
Date Time Name Cat. Dist. Region Comments
Sat 07.04.18 14:00 Pendle AS 4.5m Lancashire EOD
Sun 22.04.18 09:30 Clwydians 10/20m AM/AL 10/20m N Wales EOD
Tue 08.05.18 19:15 Thurstaston MT CS 6.1m Wirral EOD/TBF
Sat 12.05.18 11:00 Pendle Cloughs AM 14m Lancashire EOD
Thu 14.06.18 19:30 Walsh Two Lads BS 5m Lancashire EOD/FBF
Wed 27.06.18 18:30 Wobbler BM 6.1m Cheshire EOD/TBF
Sun 08.07.18 11:00 Bollington Nostalgia BM 7.4m Cheshire EOD/TBF
Wed 25.07.18 19:00 Harrock Hill BS 5m Lancashire EOD/TBF
Sun 12.08.18 13:00 Two Hillforts CM 9.2m N Wales EOD
Mon 27.08.18 13:00 Cilcain Show AS 4.5m N Wales EOD/FBF
Tue 04.09.18 19:00 Royden Park CS 5m Wirral EOD/TBF
Tue 11.09.18 19:00 Harrison Drive CS 5m Wirral EOD/TBF
Sun 30.09.18 10/11 Sandstone Trail A/B CL/CM 17/10m Cheshire PEO/TBF
Sun 21.10.18 11:00 Clwydian Hills AM 9.2m N Wales EOD
Sat 10.11.18 13:00 Betws-y-Coed trail CS 6.1m N Wales PEO/TBF
Sat 15.12.18 09:00 Wepre parkrun CS 3.1m N Wales PEO/TBF
Sat 12.01.19 12:30 Ashurst Beacon BS 6.1m Lancashire EOD/FBF
Sat 16.02.19 14:00 Parbold Hill BM 6.75m Lancashire PEO/TBF
Sat 23.02.19 14:30 Standish Hall CS 6.1m Lancashire EOD/TBF
Sun 10.03.19 11:00 Roddlesworth Roller CS 5.5m Lancashire EOD/TBF

“A” - Should average not less than 50 metres climb per kilometre
“B” - Should average not less than 25 metres climb per kilometre.
“C” - Should have some genuine challenging terrain.
“L” (long) 20 kilometres or over
“M” (medium) over 10 kilometres but less than 20 kilometres
“S” (short) 10 kilometres or less
EOD – Entry on the Day
PEO – Pre Entry Only
TBF – Trailrunning Beginner Friendly
FBF – Fellrunning Beginner Friendly