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Off Road Championship 2019-20

Each year Penny Lane Striders puts together a programme of off-road races, which include fell races, trail races and multi-terrain races.
This is a bespoke competition for all abilities, focused on the adventure and freedom of off road running.
To be in with a shout of a trophy, at least 5 races will need to be completed; best 5 scores will count towards the final results
Refer to the PLS constitution for further details
Some fell races will require you to carry the full safety gear, please check this before entering and refer to FRA rules
During the spring/summer months of 2019, I will lead introductory fellrunning training sessions, open to all members. Please check the usual social media for details.

No Date Time Name Cat. Dist. Region Comments
01 Sat 06.04 14:00 Pendle (Merseyside champs) AS (M) 7.7k Lancashire EOD
02 Sat 20.04 15:00 Rivington Pike BS (M) 5k Great M’cr EOD
03a Sun 12.05 09:00 Excalibur Full BL (D) 42.2k N Wales PEO
03b Sun 12.05 10:00 Excalibur Half BL (M) 21.1k N Wales PEO
03c Sun 12.05 11:00 Excalibur 10 BS (E) 10k N Wales PEO
04 Tue 14.05 19:15 Thurstaston MT Challenge CS (E) 9.8k Wirral EOD
05 Wed 22.05 19:30 Harrock Hill BS (E) 8k Lancashire EOD
06 Wed 05.06 19:00 Trail Up the Beast AS (M) 8k N Wales EOD
07 Thu 13.06 19:30 Walsh Two Lads BS (E) 8.4k Lancashire EOD
08 Wed 19.06 19:15 Robbie Webster Wobbler BM (E) 10k Cheshire EOD
09 Sun 14.07 11:00 Bollington Nostalgia BM (E) 11.7k Cheshire EOD
10 Tue 30.07 19:00 Clwydian Midweek Series BS (M) 8k N Wales EOD
11 Sun 11.08 13:00 Two Hillforts CM (M) 14.8k N Wales EOD
12 Mon 26.08 13:00 Cilcain Show AS (M) 7.7k N Wales EOD
13a Sun 01.09 08:30 Clwydian 30 AL (D) 48.2k N Wales EOD
13b Sun 01.09 09:30 Clwydian 15 BL (M) 24.1 N Wales EOD
13c Sun 01.09 09:45 Clwydian 5 BS (E) 8k N Wales EOD
14 Tue 03.09 19:00 Royden Park CS (E) 8k Wirral EOD
15 Sun 08.09 11:00 Dream Trail CS (E) 10k M’side EOD
16a Sun 29.09 10:00 Sandstone Trail A CL (M) 27k Cheshire PEO
16b Sun 29.09 11:00 Sandstone Trail B CM (E) 16.1k Cheshire PEO
17 Sun 20.10 11:00 Clwydian Hills AM (D) 14.4k N Wales EOD
18a Sat 09.11 13:00 Trail Betws Half CL (M) 21k N Wales PEO
18b Sat 09.11 13:00 Trail Betws 10 CS (E) 10k N Wales PEO
19 Sat 16.11 10:30 Tour of Pendle AL (D) 27k Lancashire EOD
20 Sat 14.12 09:00 Crosby Parkrun CS (E) 5k M’side PEO
21 Sat 11.01 12:30 Ashurst Beacon BS (E) 10k Lancashire EOD
22 Sat 15.02 14:00 Parbold Hill BM (E) 10.8k Lancashire PEO
23 Sat 22.02 14:30 Standish Hall Trail CS (E) 10k Lancashire EOD
24 Sun 08.03 11:00 Roddlesworth Roller CS (E) 9.8k Lancashire EOD

(E) Easy
(M) Medium
(D) Difficult
“A” - Should average not less than 50 meters climb per kilometer.
“B” - Should average not less than 25 meters climb per kilometer.
“C” - Should have some genuine challenging terrain.
“L” (long) 20 kilometers or over
“M” (medium) over 10 kilometers but less than 20 kilometers
“S” (short) 10 kilometers or less
EOD – Entry On the Day
PEO – Pre Entry Only

Happy OFF ROAD running
Simo (Off Road manager)

Re: Off Road Championship 2019-20

Hopefully you'll be able to read it better here...

Off Road Championship 2019-20

Re: Off Road Championship 2019-20

Calendar updated to reflect Thurstaston MT challenge confirmation of date, Tue 21.05 @19:15.
ORC 19-20 update

Re: Off Road Championship 2019-20

Dream Trail has now been confirmed for Sunday 01.09, please refer to the updated version of the calendar attached, which reflect this change.

ORC 19-20