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Men's 12-Stage and Women's 6-Stage Road Relays - 24 March

The club has competed in this prestigious event for many years, and encourages as many runners as are available to pull on the black and white vest and represent the club.
It is an event for EVERYONE, not just the faster runners, and is always a great occasion to be part of. The club is very proud of the fact that we've usually been able to field several teams; with your support it will hopefully be no different in 2019.
We are fortunate that this year it's being held locally, in Birkenhead Park, on Sunday March 24th, a day with hardly any road races scheduled.
The men's race comprises 4 long legs (each about 8km) and 8 short legs (each about 4km) while the women's race is made up of 2 long legs and 4 short legs. The men's race starts at 12 noon and the women's starts 15 minutes later.
Entry fees are paid by the club and an event has been set up on Web Collect to let you tell us you can run. The closing date for entries is 15th March so it'd be a great help if you could indicate your willingness to represent the club before then.
Hoping to see as many of you as possible in the black and white vest on the 24th!
The Committee

Re: Men's 12-Stage and Women's 6-Stage Road Relays - 24 March

Just getting this one back up to the top as a reminder to people to sign up for the relays.

Ideally we need to have all the names in by this weekend so we can sort out the teams (12 per team in the men's and 6 per team in the women's)

It's a great day out for all the PLS runners regardless of ability and, as previously stressed, they may be relays but not a single baton will change hands !!