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Final call - Relays 24th March

Final call - Relays 24 March.

Below are the people signed up so far:


Nigel Grant
Matt Dutton
Andrew Biddle
Josh Keogh
Barry Bright
David Lynan
Tommy Burke
Marty Hirrell
Graham Douglas
Andrew Troy
Tony Green
Michael Connor
Colin Walsh
Scott Hambleton
Jonathan Laber-Craig
James Roberts
Patrick Boyle


Orla Carty
Christine Grant
Sharon Samson
Kathryn Bradley
Sarah Jackson
Charlotte Sanderson-Rigby
Charlotte Rawcliffe
Liz Simpson
Atim (Timmie) Laber-Craig

We have one and a half mens teams and one and 'a bit' ladies teams - so we need to fill the missing places by the deadline which is THIS Friday or we may need to take a view on the second teams viability. Please let us know ASAP if you want to run.


The Committee

Re: Final call - Relays 24th March

Getting this back to top as there are still places which need filling in both mens and womens teams.

If you can spare the time it takes to run just 4k this Sunday in Birkenhead please let us know


Re: Final call - Relays 24th March

Getting this back to the top while we try to complete two teams for the women and two for the men this Sunday 24th at Birkenhead Park

Re: Final call - Relays 24th March

Hi Colin, please count me in for this - lemme know what time and what size my leg is!!